From Bumps to Babies

Join Albrighton Library for our NEW Event – From Bumps to Babies starting Wednesday 10th April 2024 at 11.00am

Bumps to Babies is our new event starting from Wednesday 10th April 2024 at 11.00am. We will be hosting this event every SECOND Wednesday. New parents, grandparents, guardians etc. are welcome to attend with newborns up to 1 year old. We also have a Rhyme Time Event which newborn babies are welcome to attend as well.

This event will give new parents and grandparents the opportunity to find comfortable conversation with others, be directed to targeted support and have a quiet cup of tea.

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10th April 2024

8th May 2024

12th June 2024

10th July 2024

11th September 2024

9th October 2024

13th November 2024

11th December 2024


8th January 2025

12th February 2025

12th March 2025

9th April 2025

Please note there will be no Bumps to Babies in August for summer recess.

If you have any issues or concerns, please contact the Clerk to Albrighton Parish Council