Albrighton Allotments

Allotments are an important asset to rural communities as they provide an opportunity for local people to participate and be active within the community, particularly for those without access to their own garden space.

Albrighton Parish Council own a pocket of land near Loak Road where the Albrighton Allotments are situated.

Albrighton Allotments Association manage the Allotments on behalf of the Parish Council, where several allotment members have formed a committee to oversee the finances, allocating of plots and ensuring that the plots are well kept within their agreement with the holder.

There are 38 Allotment plots, with full and half plots available.

For more information or to reserve a plot, please contact the Albrighton Allotments Association.

Chairman: Alex Joynson
Treasurer: Karen Rees
Secretary:  Emma Byrne