About our Parish

Communities up and down the country are represented by Town & Parish Councils’ who deliver on local
priorities for and on behalf of their parish area. There are 10,000 local councils in England and circa 100,000
councillors who serve in these local councils.

Town & Parish Councils are the first tier of local government and are statutory bodies, who serve electorates,
their community, and are independently elected and raise their own precept. The aim of the Councillors is
to work with local people and partners, for example local businesses, charities, partners and other
organisations, to agree and deliver on local priorities for their parish area.

Albrighton Parish Council was formed in 1894, with the meeting convened on the 4th December 1894, the
original minute documentation is still kept at the Parish Council Office.

The Parish Council of Albrighton is made up of 15 Councillors. These 15 Councillors have been elected or
co-opted to represent the community of Albrighton, the last elections were held in May 2021.
The Parish Council holds a Full Council meeting on the first Thursday each month and also has a number
of committees and working groups to deliver the projects and initiatives agreed by the Parish Council on
behalf of the local community.

– Planning Committee
– Finance, Personnel and Grants Committee
– Events Committee
-General Purpose Committee

Working Groups:
-Flyer Working Group
-Christmas Lights Working Group

The origins of Albrighton can be traced back to the end of the sixth century, with a thriving button-making
industry in the 1600s; in the 18th century it was clock-making and the 19th Century brick-making.
The population of Albrighton is circa 4326 persons, over an area covering 893.5 hectares and the Parish
Office is located in the Library Building, Station Road. The Parish Council employs a number of staff who
work for the Parish Council; this includes a Parish Clerk who manages the day-to-day business and staff
for the Parish Council.

The Parish Council has a number of services it delivers for its community including:
– Managing the Parish Council Office and Library Building
– Albrighton Library
– Albrighton Flyer
– Street Lighting (only on rural roads of the village)
– Village Defibrillator (partnership with the First Responders)
– Grants for the Community
– War Memorial (partnership with Donington with Boscobel and Royal British Legion)
– Allotments (managed by the Albrighton Allotment Association)
– Maintenance of the Donington Pool (partnership with Donington & Boscobel Parish Council)
– Maintenance of the Parish Grounds & Trees (not covered by Shropshire Council)
– Parish Council Events and Engagement